5 Reasons to Add a Landscape Water Feature

Many homeowners aspire to make their homes appear as beautiful and welcoming as possible. Exterior renovations may be high on homeowners' to-do lists, and landscaping is oftentimes a key component of those projects.
When planning gardens, homeowners may benefit by considering more than just flowers and shrubs while giving thought to other elements that can breathe vitality into their landscape designs. Water features can do just that, as such features provide more than just visual appeal.

Below, you’ll find a list of benefits accrued from adding landscaping water features to your property.

1. Flowing water soothes the soul.

Throughout history, philosophers, religious clerics and physicians have recognized water’s incredible healing power. Experts in Buddhist meditation cherish flowing water as a source of white noise that the mind can enjoy without becoming too attached to any single tone. Practitioners of natural medicine recommend hydrotherapy in the form of steam baths, saunas and hot and cold compresses.
Adding a landscape water feature fosters relaxation and peace. Flowing water calms the mind and revives the spirit. While selecting from water features, Portland gardeners, be sure to listen carefully to the sound each one makes; each of us naturally prefers certain “water songs” over others.

2. Running water attracts wildlife.

Picture this: you’re lounging beside your landscape water feature, unwinding, when a cheery yellow-breasted finch settles on a rock nearby. Fascinated, you watch with wonder while the tiny creature hops ever closer to the flowing water and eventually takes a few sips. This sort of event can occur in your yard on a daily basis if you add a fountain or bubbling birdbath.
Landscaping water features naturally attract birds, squirrels, rabbits and other fauna. Like us, all animals require fresh, clean water to thrive. Birds, for instance, need water for both drinking and preening. Water baths help birds remove loose feathers, dust and parasites from their feathers. If you’re a nature lover, adding a water feature will bring you hours of joy, as you observe a menagerie of animal visitors.

3. A landscape water feature boosts curb appeal and property values.

Landscaping water features add visual interest and charm for potential homebuyers. If you’re hoping to get a good resale value for your home, adding a fountain, miniature brook or even just a burbling ceramic pot is a good investment.

4. Improved air quality and reduced noise pollution.

A flowing water feature will mask nearby noise pollution while releasing a continuous flow of negative ions. Numerous researchers have found a connection between negative ions and stress reduction. Russian scientists, for instance, found that exposure to negative ions reduced pathological signs of stress in rats. Studies also suggest that negative ions can offset the health impacts of air pollution – yet another salutary benefit of water features. Portland health enthusiasts swear by the health benefits of flowing water.

5. According to Feng Shui, running water brings wealth.

The ancient Chinese study of Feng Shui teaches that flowing water attracts wealth. To maximize potency, Feng Shui teaches that landscaping water features should be kept clean. Just as a dripping faucet represents wasted money slowly dripping out of your pockets, an efficiently flowing water feature symbolizes new opportunities flowing into your life.

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